The embassy saw in the supplies of HIMARS the desire of the United States to prolong the conflict

Washington, by supplying weapons to Ukraine, “does not bring peace closer,” but, on the contrary, pushes Kyiv “to new bloody crimes,” the Russian diplomatic mission is convinced.

The Russian embassy in the United States saw in the next American military aid package, including the supply of American HIMARS multiple rocket launchers to Ukraine, “unbridled desire” Washington to drag out the conflict at any cost, according to a commentary by the diplomatic mission on the social network Facebook (Meta, the owner of Facebook and Instagram, is recognized as extremist in Russia and banned). pushes the Ukrainian authorities to new bloody crimes»,— convinced there.

The allegations of the American side that the supplied weapons are used by Kyiv for the purpose of defense were called untenable by the diplomats. The embassy is convinced that American weapons are used “to destroy the cities of Donbass.”

The day before, the Pentagon announced that it would provide Ukraine with another $400 million military aid package. four HIMARS MLRS and shells for them, three tactical vehicles, shells for 155-millimeter artillery pieces, demolition charges, counter-battery systems, and spare parts.

The Department of Defense noted that in this way the United States over the past $2.2 billion worth of weapons will be handed over to Kyiv in three weeks.

On July 1, the Pentagon announced the supply of $820 million worth of weapons to Ukraine. The next aid package included additional supplies of shells for the HIMARS MLRS, two NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems, up to 150,000 shells for 155-millimeter artillery, and four counter-battery radars.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking of the transfer of missile weapons to the Ukrainian side, also called the goal of “all this fuss” the desire to “drag out the armed conflict as long as possible.”

A similar point of view was expressed by the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Sergei Lavrov. “The more they pump weapons into Ukraine, the longer this conflict will last,” — Lavrov said. He considered arms supplies by the West to be “absolutely counterproductive and harmful.”

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