The expert appreciated the idea to blind spy satellites with a laser

“These things are considered. They are being tested.”

In the context of the special operation in Ukraine, much is said about satellite reconnaissance, the data of which the United States constantly shares with the Armed Forces of Ukraine for more accurate guidance of missiles. And the other day, publications suddenly appeared in the Western press, telling about a new Russian laser weapon capable of “blinding” the equipment of spy satellites in orbit. The Space Review magazine wrote that Russian scientists are testing laser weapons in the Caucasus Mountains that can disable foreign satellites flying over Russia.


What is true here, what is not, and is Russia really capable of creating such a powerful power plant that a spy satellite can get from Earth, – Ivan Moiseev, scientific director of the Space Policy Institute, told MK about this. .

“I can say that theoretically this is absolutely possible,” the expert says. These things are being considered. They are actually being tested. And you are absolutely right when you say that the installation should be very powerful.

The media reported that we are working on the creation of powerful power plants.

– That's not the point. There is one nuance here that is often forgotten. As soon as such laser installations are made, methods of dealing with them will immediately appear. And they are quite simple.

For example, one of the simplest: on a satellite flying over such an installation, you just need to close the camera lenses with a shutter.

– Imagine that there are such plates that capture light. Simply put, they work like cameras. There are two ways to influence them. Both options are called blinding in Russian.

Firstly, they can be temporarily disabled – by analogy with how it happens when a flashlight temporarily blinds a person. Secondly, there is an option to disable them permanently. This method is fraught with international conflicts. And very serious. But temporary blindness will be difficult to justify and prove. But in any case, this requires very complex and expensive equipment. But is it really necessary, if it is very easy to deal with it?

– No, this is not fiction. This is all a very old idea. It is under constant development and development. However, so far no one has accepted such funds into service. And not only because they need to develop a very powerful power plant. The point is different. For example, this year 135 satellites for remote sensing of the Earth were launched into orbit in the world – the very ones that just need to be “dazzled”.

– The Pentagon uses not so much its satellites for intelligence purposes – although it has and there are a lot of their own powerful devices in orbit – how many they buy data from private owners of satellite devices.

– Of course. Accordingly, “blinding” hundreds of satellites is too difficult a task. And the methods of dealing with this, as I said, are too simple. So personally I wouldn't spend money on it. True, no one offers them to me …


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