The head of Feodosia resigned after criticism from Aksyonov

Andrey Lebedev worked in this position for a little over six months. According to the head of the Crimea, Sergei Aksenov, the leadership of Feodosia was unable to eliminate the “identified shortcomings” in time

Andrey Lebedev

Mayor of Feodosia Andrey Lebedev has resigned, head of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov said on Telegram.

“The city leadership was given time to eliminate the identified shortcomings, but the results of this work cannot be considered satisfactory,”— he explained. Lebedev wrote a letter of resignation of his own free will on Aksenov's recommendation after meeting with him. The head of the republic did not specify who would take the vacant position.

In June, Aksyonov threatened all employees of the Feodosia administration with dismissal if they did not resolve “systemic issues” in time. “If all systemic issues are not resolved by Wednesday, the city’s leadership in full force, including advisers, will leave their posts, and one of the vice-premiers will deal with Feodosia’s issues until we find a new head of administration,” — he warned. Following the meeting on June 22, the head of the Crimea announced the identification of “a significant number of problematic issues”; in Feodosia. He expressed dissatisfaction with the work of the city administration and instructed her to solve some problems, including in the field of improvement. Aksenov suggested that Lebedev “make personnel decisions.”

Lebedev is 38 years old and has been in charge of the city since December last year. Prior to that, he was the director of the Krymkhleb bakery.

The previous head of the city Sergey Bovtunenko resigned in October 2021— also after a conversation with Aksenov.

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