The head of South Korea ordered to strengthen the containment of the DPRK after missile launches

Seoul will begin to constantly maintain a state of readiness in terms of missile launches from the territory of the DPRK, the latest incident was the 18th since the beginning of the year.

Yoon Seok Yeol

South Korea will strengthen the extended deterrence regime and a joint defensive posture with the United States after the launch of eight ballistic missiles by the DPRK, such an order was given by the President of the Republic Yoon Seok Yeol , reports Yonhap.

The president's office said he ordered “constantly maintain a state of readiness and continue to strengthen the South Korean-American system of extended deterrence and combined defense, including missile defense exercises.” with Washington.

North Korea’s missile launches were a “provocation,” Seoul believes, the South Korean president noted that Pyongyang only committed “provocations” this year; this kind on average every nine days.

Eight short-range ballistic missiles have taken off from North Korea, the Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea reported earlier on the morning of June 5, indicating that North Korea has launched missiles for the 18th time this year. “[This] is a provocation that poses a serious threat to peace and security not only on the Korean Peninsula, but throughout the world,” — the military said in a statement.

The ministry clarified that the missile launches were carried out from several positions: from areas near the Sunan airport in Pyongyang from 09:08 to 9:43 local time (from 03:08 to 03:48 Moscow time), from the outskirts of the city of Hamhung in the east of the DPRK, the cities of Kaechon in the central part of the republic and Tongchang-ri in the northwest, reports Yonhap. The South Korean military added that the missiles traveled from 110 to 670 km at altitudes of 25 to 90 km at speeds of Mach 3 to 6.

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The command of the US Indo-Pacific Army announced consultations with allies about missile launches from North Korea. At the same time, according to the US military, the incident did not pose a direct threat to the territory of the United States or allied states. The message also stated that “these missile launches highlight the destabilizing impact of the DPRK's illegal weapons program.”

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