The head of the Ministry of Finance, who left because of Johnson, decided to compete for the post of prime minister

Rishi Sunak announced that he was going to compete for the post of leader of the Conservative Party and prime minister, and offered to “restore confidence and reunite the country.” Boris Johnson announced his intention to resign on July 7 amid scandals alt=”The treasury secretary who left because of Johnson decided to fight for the post of prime minister” />

Rishi Sunak, who left the post of the British treasury secretary because of his disagreement with the actions of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, announced his intention to compete for the posts of the head of the Conservative Party and the Cabinet of Ministers of the country. He wrote about this on Twitter.

“I am nominating myself for the next leader of the Conservative Party and your Prime Minister. Let's restore confidence, rebuild the economy, and reunite the country,— he announced.

On July 7, Johnson announced that he was stepping down as leader of the Conservative Party and as prime minister, but would continue to serve until the party chose a new leader.

The BBC, citing one of the conservatives, said that this process will take place in several stages. At the first stage, a list of all those wishing to compete for the highest post will be compiled. After that, the Tories will vote on each of the candidates. Then, when two favorites are determined, the start of the summer campaign of each of the candidates will be given. Finally, in early autumn, a party vote will take place, following which Johnson will finally transfer power.

Instead of Sunak, Nadhim Zahavi became the head of the Treasury. At the same time, the head of the Ministry of Health, Sajid Javid, who was replaced by Stephen Barkley, and several other ministers resigned.

The resignations are connected with a series of scandals involving Johnson.

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At the end of last year, a series of media reports revealed that several parties while the UK was under lockdown. In early summer, more than 50 Conservative MPs called for a no-confidence declaration against Johnson. However, the vote of no confidence was not announced and he remained the head of government.

Another scandal erupted last week, when it became known that the deputy chief organizer of the Conservative Party in the House of Commons, Chris Pincher, staged a drunken brawl in the elite London club « Carlton". The 52-year-old politician molested two men. He did not deny this and resigned. It turned out that Johnson, when appointing Pincher, knew that he had previously been suspected of harassment.

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