The immunologist warned about the risk of getting lichen after COVID-19

Immunologist Nikolai Kryuchkov warned that after a severely endured coronavirus, a person may develop shingles, NSN reports.

“Especially against the background of reduced immunity. In this case, most likely the person has already had herpes zoster and the transferred coronavirus could lead to an exacerbation. But it is possible that he could have appeared for the first time, », — the expert explained.

Kryuchkov explained that shingles — is a viral, infectious disease.

«How it manifests itself: a characteristic rash develops on the body, especially on the back. In this case, the infection can persist in the body for a long time, but under adverse conditions it manifests itself, — summed up the specialist.

Earlier it was reported that NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg canceled a working visit to Germany due to shingles.

Stoltenberg was supposed to meet with German Chancellor Olaf on June 9 Scholz and the head of the German Ministry of Defense Christina Lambrecht. 

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