The lawyer announced the interest of Western special services in Klyushin before his arrest

Lawyer: the intelligence services of the United States and Britain in 2019 and 2020 tried to recruit Klyushin According to the lawyer, in 2019 the British special services wanted to recruit Vladislav Klyushin when he was vacationing in Edinburgh. A year later, agents from the United States made such an attempt. Both times the businessman rejected the offer

Russian businessman Vladislav Klyushin before he was arrested in Switzerland at the request of the United States, rejected attempts by the United States and Great Britain special services to establish cooperation with him. This was announced to NBC by lawyer Oliver Sirik, who represented the interests of Klyushin in Switzerland.

“ US intelligence perceived him as a person who could have confidential information or state secrets, '' & mdash; Sirik said.

The lawyer said that two Americans who, according to Klyushin, worked for the American special services, in the summer of 2020 approached him in a bar in southern France. After a polite conversation the businessman rejected their attempt to recruit him. Another similar case occurred in 2019, when Klyushin was on vacation in Edinburgh, Sirik said. Then British agents tried to establish contact with him.

According to the lawyer, the interest in Klyushin is due to the fact that the businessman's company “ had a number of government contracts in Russia, including with some national special services. ''

The FBI and CIA declined to comment. Klyushin's lawyer in the United States, Max Nemtsev, did not respond to NBC's request.

Vladislav Klyushin owns M13, which created a media and social media monitoring system called Katyusha. In 2016, she won the tender of the presidential administration and the government. At the beginning of this year, M13 won a contract for more than 295 million rubles. from the Ministry.

Klyushin was detained in March 2021, when he arrived in Switzerland on a private plane with his family, but this became known only in the summer.

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