The mayor of Chernihiv was detained while trying to leave Ukraine


Chernigov Mayor Vladislav Atroshenko told the Ukrainian media that today he was detained at the Koakovets customs checkpoint, when he tried to leave for Poland. According to the official, he had a business trip planned, for which he received all the necessary permits.

The mayor said that he was going to visit the city of Ryakhiv, hold a speech there and sign a partnership agreement. He added that he was heading across the border as part of a delegation, but the border guards “only had questions about documents for me.” The official also stressed that he had a complete set of documents in his hands, allowing him to travel abroad, but the customs officers seized the documents and offered to “talk to the authorities.”

Atroshenko told reporters that he considered the reason for his detention a personal conflict with one of employees of the Office of President Volodymyr Zelensky, but certainly not with the head of state himself. The mayor stressed that this incident is a “whim” of individual officials who want to “assert themselves”, but only “discredit the president with such actions, demonstrating signs of a telephone right to the customs border.”


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