The mayor of Odessa proposed to create a park of “imperial and Soviet past”

In Odessa, discussing the fate of the monument to Catherine II. Citizens created petitions demanding that it be demolished or replaced. The mayor of the city suggested creating a special park where such monuments would be taken

Gennady Trukhanov

Odessa Mayor Gennady Trukhanov proposed to create a special park and move some of the city's monuments of Russian and Soviet heritage there. He wrote about this on Facebook (owned by Meta, a company recognized as extremist and banned in Russia), commenting on petitions for the demolition of the monument to Catherine II.

“I am sure that a single park complex of the “imperial and Soviet past” should be created in Odessa. Where should part of the architectural monuments of Odessa be moved?,— said the mayor.

Trukhanov noted that history “should not be approached selectively,” since “blacking out and forgetting one’s past subsequently leads to fatal mistakes in the future.” In his opinion, “history needs to be rethought.”

“Our duty” to help future generations of Ukrainians form an attitude towards the pages of our country's past”, — added the mayor.

In Odessa, the issue of demolition of the monument to Catherine II has been discussed since the summer. It was erected in 1900 and is officially called a monument to the founders of Odessa, since it also includes sculptures of the empress's associates— Joseph Deribas, Franz de Vollan, Grigory Potemkin and Platon Zubov. The monument was demolished by the Bolsheviks. It was restored in 2007.

Last July, in Odessa, they advocated the replacement or demolition of the monument. Two electronic petitions regarding his fate were created in the city, which gained more than 25 thousand votes— the threshold required for submission to the head of state. The first petition proposed to erect a monument to the American gay porn star Billy Herrington on the site of the monument, and in the second, citizens demanded only demolition.

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