The media told what will change in Russia from April 1, 2022

Experts talked about pensions, benefits, child benefits and more.

From April 1, new laws in the areas of social policy, road transport, payments and others will come into force in Russia. In a conversation with “MK” economists explained how things will change in the lives of Russians from April 1.

A new “children” payout

From April 1, low-income families with children 8 & # 8211; 16 years old can apply for a benefit, the amount of which, depending on the region, is 50%, 75% or 100% of the subsistence minimum.

The Ministry of Labor specifies that the amount will be 6,000 – 12,000 rubles. The percentage will depend on the specific amount that is needed to get the family out of poverty.

The application for benefits can be submitted from May 1. At this point, the child must be 8 years old and not 17 years old.

The Ministry of Finance allocates 455 billion rubles to finance the payment.

According to the expert “MK”, there will be difficulties with the calculation of income, which is recorded for the past year. But a person could lose his job in the current one.

The procedure for assigning benefits will become easier

From the first day of April, when assigning social benefits owned by the family and arrested ( wanted) auto-moto funds and housing will not be taken into account in the total family income.

The same applies to property, transport and housing that people bought through targeted subsidies.

The family income will exclude the funds that she received to develop her own business, maternity capital, tax deductions, money from the state that were received to purchase property.

As for the “zero income” of pregnant Russian women, if half a year of pregnancy coincided with the period for calculating the average per capita income, a pregnant unemployed woman is entitled to a lump sum payment. The second condition under which a pregnant woman can also receive payment – if the application for it was submitted after the 12th week of pregnancy.

Indexation of social pensions

From this month, social pensions will be indexed by 8.6%. They will be able to get Russians who do not have enough years of experience to accrue insurance. The Ministry of Labor specifies that such – about 4 million people. Funds that will be spent on innovation – 33.7 billion rubles.

Social payments will be credited to a bank card under a new scheme

The rules for transferring pensions, benefits and other payments to a bank card are changing. If the client agrees, the bank will transfer the details of his account to the ESIA. The latter can be accessed through the State Services, and the Russian will be able to agree to the use of details for receiving social benefits without physically walking around the organizations.

Also, the PFR and social security will be able to track the relevance of the details in order to prevent erroneous payment of funds. When a bank account is closed, data on this will be sent to ESIA the next day

Changes in the fast payment system

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Banks connected with the SBP will be required to provide customers with a mobile payment application. Those who receive a license will have to give Russians a chance to pay using a QR code, with the exception of housing and communal services.

The conditions of preferential mortgages are changing

The preferential mortgage rate for new buildings will increase from 7% to 12% per annum. Also, for Moscow and the region, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, the loan amount will be up to 12 million rubles, for the rest – up to 6 million. The new conditions work from April 1 to July 1.

As for family mortgages at 6%, Far Eastern mortgages at 2% and rural mortgages at 3%, their conditions do not change.

Discount on CMTPL policy for driving without accidents

Once a year, on April 1, the bonus-malus coefficient (MBM) is recalculated, which is provided for accident-free driving. From this date, it will be set new for absolutely all drivers, regardless of whether they have been in an accident.

Those who have not been in an accident for the past ten years will receive a coefficient of 0.46 (not 0, 5), discount amount – 54%. And the cost of their OSAGO policy will be 8% less than the minimum.

At the same time, the maximum coefficient for car owners who have been in an accident several times will increase: from 2.45 to 3.92, and the policies will increase in price by half.


More features on Public Services

From April 1, Russians from 14 to 18 years old will be able to register for the State Services. If the child is under 14, parents who already have an account can register for him.

This will provide an easier way for schoolchildren to access digital resources, for example, use an account to enter an electronic diary, clarify homework, inform on admission to a university or college.

Completion of the stage of the program for purchasing tours with cashback

This month, the 6th stage of the compensation program for traveling around Russia will end. Even before April 30, Russians will be able to choose a tour, cruise or hotel, receiving 20% ​​cashback.

Recall that the maximum refund amount is 20,000 rubles. You need to pay for the trip using the Mir card, after which compensation automatically comes to it after 5 days. The rest must last at least two nights.

Offers are presented on the portal of the Federal Tourism Agency.

You can go on a trip according to the program from March 15 to July 1.

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