The Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation ruled out a slowdown in the mobile Internet in the country

The Ministry of Digital Development of Russia stated that now there are no prerequisites for a slowdown in the mobile Internet in the country, operators will have enough stocks of equipment for more than a year to maintain the pace of infrastructure development, Izvestia writes.

The ministry said that today an important issue is the launch of production of own equipment — together with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the industry, the department is implementing measures to accelerate the creation of its own production of base stations.

At the same time, partners are also being searched for creating new cooperative production chains.

The reason for predicting a decrease in the speed of mobile Internet and the quality of cellular communications, according to the publication, was the cessation of supplies of equipment for cellular networks to Russia.

Earlier it was reported that in the country they want to create a state service for notarization of web pages and correspondence in instant messengers.

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