The network ridiculed the unsuccessful recruitment of Russian pilots by Ukrainians

British intelligence assigned the task to the wrong people

The story about the unsuccessful recruitment of Russian pilots by the Ukrainian special services, published by the Federal Security Service, caused a flood of comments on social networks. Everyone was amused by the outright failure of Ukrainian intelligence officers who tried to find the “weak link” in the Russian army.

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According to the FSB, Ukrainian intelligence explained to the pilots exactly how the hijacking process would take place. It was planned that the interception of a Russian aircraft would be simulated, and then it would be landed at the Kanatovo airfield in the Kirovograd region.

The information received was used by the Russian Air Force to strike at this airfield, where several Ukrainian aircraft were damaged on the ground.

“Evaluate how much they need a loud victory, that they embarked on such a risky adventure, the success of which was initially less than 1%,” publicist Yulia Vityazeva wrote in her Telegram channel. – Idiots. Bastards, but idiots. The story of two years ago with an attempt to capture our Chopovites did not teach them anything.”

In 2020, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) organized a provocation with the detention of Russian citizens in Minsk, recruited by a fake private military company. The situation was resolved when President Lukashenko was provided with evidence of the participation of Ukrainian special services in organizing the provocation.

“Not only did the whole idea fail, they also burned their air defense layouts. Just a revived anecdote about a glass penis and a fool who will break both the product and cut his hands, ”Vityazeva continued. “I can imagine how our FSB officers were laughing, to whom … a separate respect for endurance and the need to deal with all this farm booth.”

The Wings of War, a specialized aviation channel, commented on another Ukrainian failure as follows: “The boys were going to success … $ 2 million was somehow not enough (Ukrainian intelligence officers offered Russian pilots so much for a hijacked aircraft). On the other hand, it was necessary to take the money in advance and “throw” the brave Ukrainian intelligence officers.”

By the way, the “prepayment” was made. Part of these funds is planned to be transferred to the restoration of Donbass.

Commenting on the recruitment attempt, Yegor Timchenko wrote: “Unfortunately, there were precedents. Air Force Starley Belenko. 70s of the last century. He stole a MiG-25, the latest fighter at that time, to Japan. The damage amounted to about 2 billion rubles in the prices of that time. However, he was not recruited. He rushed to capitalist country behind “milk rivers with jelly banks.”

Telegram user Svetlana commented on the actions of the Ukrainian special services as follows: “Stolen tanks do not give them rest. It doesn’t work in battle, they decided, as usual, Shirley-myrli. Just embarrassed. Clownery”.

And Oksana Anenkova joked: “Just imagine, they are sitting now … scouts are thinking how much they pay our flyers, that a whole million is not a penny for them.”


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