The Russian Defense Ministry has published a list of dead and wounded representatives of the National Guard of Ukraine

Photo: Russian Defense Ministry video frame.

The Russian Ministry of Defense published in its Telegram channel separate data on the losses of the National Guard of Ukraine. The publication of data on the losses of the Ukrainian side during the special operation with personal data began a few days ago.

Today, the RF Ministry of Defense disclosed information about significant losses among servicemen of the 27th separate brigade (military unit 3066) and the 15th separate battalion (military unit 3066) h 3055) as of March 29, 2022.

As can be seen from the submitted documents, the losses are 27 dead and 50 wounded.

There are also reports that as of March 29, more than 860 servicemen of the National Guard of Ukraine left their military units without permission. In particular, 152 deserters are registered in the 16th separate battalion of Kherson. It is also known about 37 servicemen who left military unit 3057, which includes the Azov battalion (the organization is banned in Russia).


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