The United States eased sanctions against one Russian industry

In fact, restrictions have been eased for the entire industry in Russia.

The US authorities have revised some positions in relation to anti-Russian sanctions.

Thus, Washington classified mineral fertilizers as essential goods.

Thus, sanctions against Russian agricultural products were actually weakened.

The US fears a shortage of mineral fertilizers from Russia. According to the country's leadership, these chemicals are essential items and should always be stable in the country, but due to trade and logistics restrictions, supply problems may arise.

Nevertheless, the Ministry of Finance issued an extraterritorial document in regarding mineral fertilizers, which will be observed by all allies of the country.

As a result, the US and the EU may even cancel the current duties on mineral fertilizers from Russia.

According to “Kommersant&# 8221; citing experts, Europe is also highly dependent on the supply of mineral fertilizers from Russia, therefore, most likely, it will follow the example of the United States.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that the political scientist said when the US anti-Russian sanctions would be lifted.

An expert explained why Washington might take this step.


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