The White House revealed the purpose of introducing new sanctions against Russia: Sberbank and Alfa-Bank will fall under them

Jen Psaki revealed the political intrigue of economic restrictions.

The White House revealed the goal pursued by the US administration by introducing new anti-Russian sanctions.

Thus, the States are trying to achieve a situation in which Russia would have to choose between default and use of its remaining foreign exchange resources.

This was stated by White House press secretary Jen Psaki at a meeting with the media during a regular briefing.

Psaki explained to reporters that Russia does not have “unlimited resources” , which is especially noticeable against the background of “crippling” sanctions imposed by the United States.

Why Moscow needs to choose between “exhaustion” of those dollar reserves that are already depleted, and by declaring a default, she clarified the intrigue.

Also, as reported with reference to the statement of the press secretary, the Wall Street Journal, “Sberbank& #8221;, “Alfa Bank” and “two daughters of Vladimir Putin”, as well as members of the Government of the Russian Federation and a number of enterprises.

The ban will be introduced on new investments in the Russian Federation.

Recall, according to RIA Novosti, more At the end of February, the US authorities ordered local financial institutions to close correspondent accounts of Sberbank within 30 days, as well as to reject any of its transactions.

Earlier, Topnews wrote what sanctions, according to experts, await Russia after the incident in the Ukrainian Bucha.

According to the Financial Times, it is expected that a ban on the entry of Russian ships into ports, embargo on energy supplies.

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