“They take everything away, they don’t sell jackets”: Russians are shocked by the reception in Finland

The opening of the border exposed a lot of problems

People rushed abroad. Since mid-July, it has again become possible to travel to neighboring Finland, which was previously closed for the period of the pandemic. Fly while they give it.

In the first day alone, more than five thousand lucky people crossed the border with Finland. Are the lucky ones? Those who are lucky talk about some draconian methods of work of the Finnish customs officers: now they see violators in all Russians.

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The excitement in the visa center of St. Petersburg is now such that places in the queue are already being sold. “Only” 20 thousand rubles. That is, about five times more expensive than the face value, if a person signed up at the visa center himself. Such announcements have already appeared on the Internet.

But the point is not only the unwillingness to sign up yourself, places for submitting documents remained only for September.

The train to Helsinki still does not run, and tickets for the buses were also sold out before autumn in a couple of days.

Veronika, a resident of St. Petersburg, was lucky in this regard. She already had an open Schengen. She had visited her neighbors dozens of times before. But she says that she has never crossed the border before with such problems and with such an attitude of customs officers.

“At the entrance, for the first time, we were interested in the amount of cash. This can be understood – Russian cards do not work outside the country now, so people bring cash with them. The rules say that the export of euros from Finland is prohibited at all, but at the same time, an exception seems to be made for the cash of citizens. But 100% will be allowed only with very small amounts – like 50-100 euros per day of stay, everything else is at the discretion of the border guards. In addition, for those who cross the border by car: it is also prohibited to export gasoline in cans from the Russian Federation/import into the EU, only what is in the tank. I went out with a group for the first time, hoping that it would be easier. The escort warned us to throw out everything edible in advance, since the day before the Finns forced the travelers to throw out even water and sandwiches. In our case, thank God, it didn’t come to that and some managed to carry bottled water with them.

– Now the list of what cannot be bought and what cannot be exported-imported is simply huge. There is no point in such trips anymore. New rules posted on the customs website. The import of goods over 300 euros is prohibited. Export from Finland too. You can’t buy phones, almost any equipment, gadgets, binoculars, drones… All this is now considered “luxury items”. In general, any thing more expensive than 300 euros is a luxury item. If they see that ours, they simply refuse to sell anything. With us, someone was not sold a completely ordinary jacket. Also, the driver in Lappe was not sold motor oil, some tourists wanted to buy local SIM cards – they were deployed. On the way back, at the entrance to the Russian Federation, there was again a very thorough personal search of all the bags of everyone.

– Not. The website of the customs directly says that these are anti-Russian sanctions on individuals due to the conflict in Ukraine. It is clear that they are also hitting the Finns hard – many shops have already closed or are barely breathing. Here, the coronavirus has also tried in two years, of course.

Under the new rules, cash banknotes cannot be brought back into Russia from the EU. That is, everything that you took with you – you need to spend here and now. Moreover, this rule directly contradicts the fact that “individuals and members of their families can export currency in banknotes for personal use.” So can they or can't they? Just in case, our tourists spent every penny, that is, up to a euro cent – you never know, what if the Finnish border guards get into their pockets?

Some try to get visas through third countries and go to Finland. But it also became much more difficult. Many European states are now officially considered unfriendly to Russia (our authorities have already announced this). And although, as the Russians are convinced, this will not affect tourist trips in any way, in fact, the number of employees in the embassies and consulates of such countries is sharply decreasing, which, of course, will create gigantic queues for submitting and receiving documents.

The only benefit from this will be for various private firms that are already working as intermediaries.

“We did Schengen through one of the EU countries, which was very popular before, but now it has also become unfriendly,” complains my Muscovite friend Alexander . – And it seems that Russians were always given visas there easily. And now they have imposed a bunch of additional services on us, such as the return delivery of a finished package of documents home. Otherwise, as we assume, without a guarantee that they will give visas. We are three people – me, my wife and son, we all live at the same address. What would you think? Delivery is not general, but individual, and only it cost everyone together about seven thousand rubles. Yes, visas were eventually issued, but my wife and I were given for six months, and my minor son, who, by the way, also had a Schengen before, was given exactly two weeks of stay. It so happened that the trip, due to family circumstances, shifted slightly in time, and in the end we didn’t get anywhere at all, since my son’s visa ran out. Just wasted.”

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