Tokayev suggested inviting Russia and China to meetings of Central Asian countries

The countries of Central Asia “should not be locked into fixed geographic boundaries,” he said. Tokayev also proposed to create a platform for delimitation of borders and advisory bodies of foreign ministers and secretaries of security councils .jpg” alt=”Tokayev suggested inviting Russia and China to the meetings of Central Asian countries” />

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev

In addition, the President of Kazakhstan proposed holding meetings of the Foreign Ministers of the countries of the region at least once every six months “to develop agreed approaches to key issues of regional and international issues.” Consultations should also be held by the secretaries of national security councils, the politician believes. From his point of view, the mechanism will contribute to the “joint development of solutions to prevent security threats.”

Tokayev suggested that the forum participants create, under the auspices of the Council of Foreign Ministers, an expert platform “to develop mutually acceptable approaches to the delimitation of borders.” According to the plan of the head of Kazakhstan, lawyers, cartographers, border guards and other specialists should work on the platform.

In June, within the framework of the St. common space for equal cooperation of regional organizations. Initially, this idea was put forward by Russia. According to Tokaev, the CIS could become the base for this site.

In May, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia regards relations with the Central Asian countries as a strategic partnership. According to him, the established cooperation is “all-inclusive”, and the number of bilateral agreements reaches 900.

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