Trump’s daughter testifies for eight hours in Capitol attack

Former US President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka testified to the committee investigating the storming of the Capitol, CNBC reported.

“Ivanka Trump testified for about eight hours to the special committee of the House of Representatives investigating the riots in the Capitol on January 6,&mdash ; said in the message.

According to the TV channel, the legislators limited themselves to a short comment that Ivanka answered questions “not in general terms.”

As clarified CNBC, a few days ago, her husband Jared Kushner answered questions about this investigation for more than six hours.

On January 6, Trump supporters broke into the US Congress building, where a meeting was held to approve the results of the presidential election. Biden won the vote. The protesters did not agree with the results of the vote count, broke through the cordon, captured the Capitol and disrupted the meeting. They managed to drive out of the building only a few hours later. Five people were killed in the clashes.

Biden accused Trump of instigating the assault. The leadership of major social networks, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, saw the threat of incitement to violence in posts published by Trump shortly before the attack on the Capitol. His accounts have been blocked. The Republican said that his disagreement with the election results will not interfere with the transfer of power. After that, on January 20, Biden's inauguration took place.

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