Ukrainian refugees in the United States met the harsh reality: no one is waiting

The Unity for Ukraine Project Saves America from Aliens

The American dream is fading before the eyes of Ukrainians who wished to leave their homeland forever and go to the United States for happiness. Hundreds of people who want to go overseas stumble upon bureaucratic traps skillfully set by the team of President Joe Biden. There are many restrictions. For example, in terms of vaccinations, allocation of lifting, logistics. America has defended itself admirably. Oil is added to the fire by the Americans themselves, who do not want to see refugees in the states who have disgustingly proven themselves in Europe. We learned what both immigrants and US citizens think about this.


A month after Biden's statement that America is ready to accept up to 100,000 refugees from Ukraine, the Unity for Ukraine program was born in the United States. It gives Ukrainians the right to enter, provided that they have found an American sponsor – a person or organization willing to provide financial assistance on the spot.

The procedure for obtaining sponsorship is extremely dreary and complicated. The sponsor must complete the declaration, attach a variety of documents, and submit it online. The processing time for these documents is unknown. Applicants must be vaccinated against measles, polio, and COVID-19, and upon arrival in the United States, they must be screened for tuberculosis within two weeks.

The sponsor must be ready to receive a Ukrainian, deliver him to his place of residence, and provide housing and basic necessities, as well as medical care for the entire stay, to assist the Ukrainian in accessing education, learning English, securing employment and enrolling children in school.

How many US citizens are ready to make such sacrifices for refugees?

Those who have been tamed, the Americans want to see away from themselves and actively tell them about it on the social network Facebook, banned in Russia.

For example, Ukrainian pharmacists are strongly advised to choose not the United States, but Europe for their future life. “There is no threat of war in Europe,” he addresses them in the comments. – You will not find a sponsor (in the USA). The sponsor is responsible for you financially. It is better to go here if you have relatives who can sponsor you financially. You are not entitled to anything here, only a residence permit for 18 months and a work permit. You will not work here as doctors or pharmacists: You need to study here and get local licenses for this. A very low-paying job awaits you, and it will be impossible to live on this money. This is your prospect – poverty.”

Ukrainians are advised to leave their dreams of “American happiness”, stop looking for a trustee and choose more mundane options for life: Poland or Kazakhstan.

More experienced Ukrainians bring their naive compatriots to life: “They write to you that it’s bad in the USA,” writes the girl Irina in the Let’s Help America group. – Poorly done program for the sponsor, if you speak English well, read it. Here, the US refugees will not be helped in any way, everything is at their own expense: housing, food, and so on. They won’t give you money just like that, and you can’t work. The church will probably feed for a couple of days. Kindergartens, schools – everything is paid. Consider Canada, there are different conditions for refugees.

The dreamy refugees from Ukraine are also brought back to reality by an American from the state of Colorado: “There are no stupid people who are ready to be sponsors here. You don’t really understand the order of local prices, here the general mass of people is in debt, loans, they hardly cover their expenses. I have two immodest questions for the Ukrainians: how did you leave if men are not allowed out, and where do you get the money for the flight?”

The only hope is the help of compassionate US citizens with Ukrainian roots and sufficient financial stability, but such obviously quite a bit. Some Americans also write that Ukrainian men of draft age will not get a humanitarian password. According to local lawyers, they will need to prove the legality of leaving Ukraine (more than three children, disability…).

The Gates of America are closed even for Ukrainian animals. “They only accept European-style dog vaccination documents,” the refugees complain. – They banned the import of animals from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus due to falsification of vaccinations.


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