“Until it explodes”: Satanovsky commented on the cutting down of an Orthodox cross in Tatarstan

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Political scientist Yevgeny Satanovsky commented on the situation in Tatarstan Aktanysh, where Muslims cut down a cross on the grave of an Orthodox local resident. According to him, only radical Islamists could commit such an act of vandalism.

In a publication on his telegram channel, the expert drew attention to the fact that neither the local authorities nor law enforcement officers responded properly to the situation. At the regional level, “ everyone who is entitled to '' The incident was condemned, but the matter did not go further. Satanovsky suggested that local authorities are either unable to curb the radicals, or internally sympathize with them, or maybe they are “ saving up '' them for the future.

The political scientist recalled that there are still two presidents in the country & ndash; Russia and Tatarstan. Moreover, the regional parliament strongly opposed the renaming of the position of the head of the region. Satanovsky wondered if Tatarstan was expecting the disintegration of the country, and noted that if the region separates from the Russian Federation, Turkey and Western countries will immediately recognize it as an independent state.

not to say, pretending that nothing special happened, if only everyone would quickly forget about the current situation, it means that it will burn from the inside until it explodes & mdash; & nbsp; there or in another place, it doesn't matter & raquo;, & mdash; & nbsp ; Satanovsky is convinced.

He noted that exactly such incidents & ndash; harbingers of the collapse of the country. According to the political scientist, the authorities should pay close attention to the situation in Aktanysh, as well as to other similar stories that take place not only in Tatarstan. He recalled that this is not only the right of the country's leadership, but also its duty.

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