“Until the last Ukrainian woman”: in Kyiv, they thought about increasing the list of women liable for military service

Secretaries and businesswomen will go into battle

The Office of President Zelensky did not have time to completely ruin the idea of ​​​​the General Staff about tying the male population to the place of registration, so that without the permission of the military registration and enlistment office they could not move, as came up with a new initiative. The General Staff intends to double the list of professions for girls, making them liable for military service.

Rumors about women's mobilization into the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine cause bewilderment in half with panic, but in the information space, Ukrainian women are steadfastly prepared for the front-line future. The wife of President Vladimir Zelensky, Elena, romanticized the image of a front-line woman in social networks in every possible way, which caused a wave of negativity, because she herself, like all relatives of the Ukrainian elite, stays away from the front. And the day before, an official from Odessa, the speaker of the military administration, Sergei Bratchuk, recorded a video message in which he bluntly, harshly and cynically admitted that not only all men, but also women could be waiting for the front line.

“If not all, then most of the men, as well as most of the women, will go to the front, since the troops that are now at the forefront will need replacement,” the official said, ending his message with a strange phrase. He called what is happening “The cycle of troops in nature.” If someone does not remember the school concept of the “water cycle”, then it is understood that part of it must constantly go into the ground. Later, Bratchuk tried to smooth over his own words, and clarified that being at the front does not necessarily mean dying under bullets. You can, for example, dig trenches, provide medical care or build fortifications. But what role is assigned to women in these “fortification works” is a question.

On October 1, the process of registering women for military registration will start by order of the Ministry of Defense, adopted long before the start of the SVO. Women chefs, drivers, food technologists, journalists, musicians, biologists, and even secretaries and business women should go to the front along it. If this list is doubled, the majority of women may be at risk. A lady who has entered the military register cannot go abroad, like a man, and can also be drafted into the army at any time. Not the best prospect for the weaker sex.

“A woman in the army is a horror. You are not taken for a human. Not only are there problems of a hygienic nature, but they are trying to make you an object of sexual harassment, ”said Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the President of Ukraine and former military man, about what awaits girls in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It is no secret that in Kyiv, women are already receiving summons to the military registration and enlistment office with might and main. Sometimes, by analogy with men, “letters of happiness” are handed to them in stores and right on the streets. On the reverse side of such subpoenas, a warning is written that in case of evasion from mobilization “during a special period”, the conscript may be imprisoned for up to five years. “I have never seen such a thing as subpoenas handed over to ordinary women,” Yelena, a resident of Kyiv, told Moskovsky Komsomolets. “But now they are given to women who served or participated in hostilities.”

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