Weapons supplied to Ukraine found in the hands of European criminals

They also sell night vision goggles, equipment and equipment

The European public suddenly realized the danger posed by the massive supply of foreign weapons to Ukraine. According to Western and Russian sources, some Ukrainians resell the American and European weapons they receive to criminal groups.

The British newspaper Daily Mail said that criminals from Eastern Europe arrive on the territory of Ukraine from Poland and buy Western weapons transferred to Ukrainians for cash. After that, the weapons are transported by the bandits to Europe to be used for criminal purposes.

In addition to weapons, the bandits massively buy combat equipment and night vision goggles. Obviously, the newspaper writes, thermal imagers will be used by criminals for night penetration into private homes and robbery.

The representative of the security service, who gave this information to the newspaper, explained the reason for the underground Ukrainian arms business: “At first, the Ukrainians kept records of the weapons supplied to them, but after a few months they stopped doing this. As far as I know, they no longer keep any records.” It is not surprising that, in the end, this led to sad consequences.

Many foreigners are dissatisfied with the behavior of the Ukrainians who deceived them. A French user with the nickname “Worktop” posted the following comment: “We should not have agreed to give weapons to Ukraine for free. Even during the Second World War, the United States supplied the UK with weapons under Lend-Lease, which they have just finished paying off. Why give weapons to the most corrupt state in Europe?”

“Top Paddock” from Australia said: “There is a constant trade in weapons in Ukraine, it’s enough just to superficially understand what is imported from Europe and exported to other countries. Cars and trucks arrive from the Polish border and pick up Western weapons for resale without any checks. The only military equipment monitored by American inspectors is the HIMARS MLRS.

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