What is Restricted Eligibility?

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Citizens with limited serviceability (category B) are not subject to partial mobilization announced by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. This was stated by the executive secretary of the Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation Alexander Tochenov.

«There is a law, even a decree has nothing to do with it. If limitedly fit for combatant, non-combatant… there is a gradation. But these people will not be sent to any war zones and will not be called up, because there are restrictions for health reasons, — said Tochenov.

Mobilization will affect only those who have done military service and also had combat experience.

What does an entry on a military ID card mean?

Expiration category “B” – limited fit for military service – means that the conscript is exempt from being drafted into the army. But he can call for military training or for service in wartime. Conscript with category validity "B" receives an exemption and is credited to the reserve.

The category of validity is indicated on the first page of the registration certificate in its lower part.

Who can be assigned the category "B"?

The category is determined according to a document called the “Schedule of Diseases”. It indicates which disease of which degree this or that category corresponds.

The category of suitability "B" can be assigned, for example, to a hard of hearing conscript or a person with mild or moderate bronchial asthma, with flat feet 3rd degree, scoliosis with a spinal curvature angle of more than 17° (in some cases – and with less curvature),  myopia more than 6 diopters, hyperopia more than 8 diopters, hypertension at pressure from «140 to 90» and above.

Category “B” also is assigned if the conscript is 150 cm or less tall and weighs less than 45 kg. You can find out the full list of diseases that exempt from conscription for military service in the Schedule of Diseases.

Than the category “B” different from “G” and "D"?

Category "G" means not release from the army, but a deferment. It can be assigned if, for example, a conscript gets injured or fracture before conscription. After treatment, he may again be drafted into the army. After treatment  frees the conscript from service completely, even in wartime. It is assigned in rare cases, as a rule, to persons with disabilities.

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