What kind of cross-border railway bridge across the Amur was built in Russia?

Near the village of Nizhneleninskoye in the Jewish Autonomous Region, the construction of the Russian part of the first railway bridge across the Amur between Russia and China has been completed.  once rescheduled.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev, the bridge will become «an incentive for the creation of new industries and logistics hubs in the Far East, improve transport accessibility of several regions of the Far East at once» ;.

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What is the length of the bridge?

The length of the railway bridge across the Amur is 2.2 km, of which 309 m is on the Russian side. It connects the Russian and Chinese banks of the river. On the Russian side, the bridge is located east of the village of Nizhneleninsky, Jewish Autonomous Region.

The bridge is single-track with a combined gauge of Russian (1520 mm) and Chinese (1425mm) standards. 

Construction work on the Russian side began in December 2016. In October 2018, the Russian and Chinese parts of the Nizhneleninskoye — Tongjiang" docked. 

It is planned to export iron ore, coal, mineral fertilizers, forest products and other goods through the bridge. The capacity of the bridge will be up to 21 million tons per year.

How much did it take to build the bridge? 

The construction cost was about 10 billion rubles. The project was carried out by the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) through the Russian-Chinese Fund (the share in the project company was 56.25%), Russian Railways (25%) and VEB.DV (18.75%).  



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