What kind of Favorit anti-aircraft missile systems are used in Ukraine?

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S-300PMU-2 Favorit anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) are successfully used on the territory of Ukraine. The press service of the Ministry of Defense announced the destruction of two Bayraktar TB2 reconnaissance and strike drones by these systems. 


The Favorit system forms an air defense grouping, which includes controls and up to 6 S-300PMU2 anti-aircraft missile systems. Air defense system “Favorite” provides simultaneous shelling of up to 36 targets with guidance of up to 72 missiles. 


The anti-aircraft missile system, which received the sonorous name “Favorit”, was developed in the mid-1990s by JSC “NPO Almaz” (now it is Almaz-Antey). 

It is designed to defend the most important objects from massive attacks by modern and advanced aircraft, strategic cruise missiles, tactical and operational-tactical ballistic missiles, as well as other air attack weapons. The means of the system are also intended for air defense of the ships of the Navy.

Even at the beginning of the year, it was reported that the anti-aircraft regiment of the Central Military District would receive upgraded S-300PM-2 “Favorit” air defense systems. in 2022. 

General features and capabilities

The upgraded S-300PM-2 system differs from previous versions in its increased range of detection and destruction of targets. The system can direct a larger number of missiles at the same time, which allows attacking a larger number of targets.

In addition, the S-300PM-2 differs from the basic version of the S-300 complex in increased noise immunity. Works steadily even when exposed to intense active and passive interference. The system received a new radar station, command post, guidance station and new missiles.

Mobile multi-channel system “Favorite” ensures the conduct of combat operations both independently and in cooperation with higher-level control facilities (APU) or external means of radar (RL) information.

Combat capabilities

System S-300PMU-2 “Favorite” is a further development of the S-300PMU-1 anti-aircraft missile system. Its combat capabilities have increased due to the creation of a new missile, which has an increased efficiency of hitting ballistic targets at ranges up to 40 km with the provision of undermining the target's warhead. The far boundary of the zone of destruction of aerodynamic targets reaches 200 km, the installation is able to shoot and “after”. It has expanded information capabilities of the system's command post for detecting and tracking ballistic targets while maintaining the sector for detecting aerodynamic targets.

"Favorite" ensures the destruction of modern and advanced aircraft, strategic cruise missiles, tactical ballistic missiles and other targets flying at speeds up to 2800 m/s.

The firing range of S-300PMU2 missiles is 200 km, it was possible to fire 36 targets simultaneously . 

Qualities of a scout

Compared to its predecessor, the system has increased reconnaissance characteristics in autonomous combat operations due to the use of a new autonomous target designation tool. “Favorite” can be integrated into any air defense systems. The system was also actively offered in foreign markets.

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