WP learns of Xi Jinping’s order to help Russia without violating sanctions

WP: Chinese President Xi Jinping instructed to find a way to help Russia without violating sanctions Beijing, on the one hand, seeks to help “its most important strategic partner”, and on the other hand, fears that the US and its allies could cut off China from technology and strike at financial system,

Xi Jinping

Chinese President Xi Jinping instructed his closest advisers to figure out how to provide financial assistance to Russia without violating Western sanctions, The Washington Post writes, citing Chinese and American officials.

According to The Washington Post interlocutors, Beijing is in a difficult position, because, on the one hand, it seeks to help “its most important strategic partner”, and on the other hand worries that the US and its allies could cut China off from technology and hit the country's financial system.

Moscow, meanwhile, is counting on increased support from Beijing, officials said. They didn't go into details. However, according to one of them, the Russian side hopes for the fulfillment by China of “trade obligations” that appeared before the military operation in Ukraine, as well as for “financial and technological support.” At the same time, Russia did not ask for weapons.

“We understand [Moscow's] predicament. But we cannot ignore our own situation. China will always act in the interests of its people, — an official with direct knowledge of the discussions told the publication.

Chinese embassy spokesman to the United States Liu Pengyu noted that the problem is not to help Russia circumvent sanctions, but to that “normal economic and trade cooperation between Russia and China has been unjustifiably damaged.” Restrictions— “losing” situation for all parties, he added.

One of the WP interlocutors, speaking of US warnings about the consequences of helping Russia to circumvent sanctions, their “real reason” called a desire to sow discord between Beijing and Moscow, which, in his opinion, will not happen. “They [the United States] will not be able to undermine Sino-Russian relations,” — he is convinced.

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At the same time, according to the interlocutor of the publication, the hostilities in Ukraine dragged on longer than China expected, and Beijing signaled to Moscow that the cessation of hostilities “will give more freedom to counter sanctions and develop business ties.”

Earlier, the Chinese embassy in the United States said that Beijing “never set itself the goal of surpassing or replacing the United States, or entering into zero-sum competition with them.” “History and reality show that both China and the United States benefit from cooperation and lose from confrontation,” said Liu Pengyu.

In early May, the Guardian newspaper wrote that China decided to conduct a stress test in case of imposing sanctions similar to those applied by the West against Russia. The authorities are using the actions of Western countries as the basis for developing response measures if they do the same to Beijing.

The US has repeatedly threatened to impose restrictions on China in the event of military or economic support for Russia. Beijing called the measures against Moscow unacceptable and stated that it does not circumvent sanctions, but maintains trade relations with Russia.

Deputy head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Grushko the idea that “if the West pushes her [Russia] away, she will land on China.” “Our relationship with China is self-sustaining, it has strategic depth. And it is worth emphasizing that their quality depends least of all on what they say about these relations in the West, — he said.

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