Xi Jinping opposes unilateral sanctions and double standards

According to the Chinese leader, the policy of double standards threatens peace and security on the planet, therefore China does not intend to participate in the formation of blocs and intensify confrontations

Chinese President Xi Jinping, during his speech at the annual Boao Forum, criticized the policy of unilateral sanctions and double standards that “undermine the peace and security of the entire planet,” Reuters reports.

“We are against unilateral sanctions and do not intend to pursue a policy aimed at forming blocs and intensifying confrontation. China supports any effort to resolve the crisis, we will not follow double standards,— he declared.

According to the Chinese leader, Beijing categorically does not accept the “jurisdiction of the long arm”; (extraterritorial distribution of national legislation— RBC) of individual countries. “The facts have once again proved that the Cold War mentality only undermines the foundations of global peace, hegemonism and brute force politics only endanger world peace, and bloc confrontation only exacerbates security challenges in the 21st century,” & mdash; summed up Xi Jinping.

The speech of the head of China takes place against the backdrop of Russia's military special operation in Ukraine, after which many Western countries imposed sanctions against Moscow. The restrictions affected the top officials of the state, financial and industrial organizations, state corporations, as well as the assets of the Central Bank.


China has repeatedly condemned Western sanctions against Russia. On March 18, Xi Jinping, in a conversation with US President Joe Biden, already said that the crisis in Ukraine— “this is not what China wants to see” and the US should be responsible with China for maintaining peace and stability on the planet

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In early March, the US warned Beijing that if anti-Russian sanctions were bypassed, they would take action. “China is complying with the imposed sanctions. <…> If they don't comply with the sanctions, we always have <…> means for taking action, — said White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

normal trade relations. “China is not a party to the conflict in Ukraine. We don't think it should affect our trade with any country,” — he noted.

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